Friday, January 15, 2010

The "Joy" of Invitations

I started working on the invitations this evening, and frankly, I thought my blood pressure would go through the roof. I typed out the addresses to be merged onto the labels THREE times...on two different computers. By the time I finally got the labels working I looked at the labels I'd purchased and realized that they were for laser printers. Well isn't that fancy? I jammed them into my inkjet printer, hoping that God was maybe looking down on me and knew that I needed them to work. He wasn't. They smeared all over the place and I felt myself slowly dying inside. So I won't get the labels until at least tomorrow (I'm making a special trip to the office to print them) which means I couldn't really start most of the invitations. Mircea decided that he wanted to hand deliver the invitations to his co-workers and friends so I addressed those. After about two invitations I realized that I didn't know the names of any of his co-workers' wives...and neither did he. Mircea might have the world's worst memory, but let me just say-that is embarassing. One of the invitations says "Steve & Lovely Wife". No, I'm not kidding. Yes, I'm leaving it that way. And yes, I'm sorry.


Sarah said...

Hang in there with the invitations! I was reading this one wedding blog and this chick is mailing, like, an entire book with her invitations. It's absurd!
I'm all about the "& Lovely Wife." I think it's adorable. :-)

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